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Send Bots (updated 5/15/2020)

How to use Kahoot smasher

Kahoot smash is the best online Kahoot smasher tool out there! It is the most functional Kahoot bot hack, With an easy to use interface and powerful controls. Take definitive control of any Kahoot game with Kahoot smash. Using this website you can send up to 80 bots to any public Kahoot game!

This Kahoot smasher tool is very easy to use. Simply type your kahoot game pin, number of bots, the name of your bots, and answer method and press "Smash the game" to start this kahoot hack. If everything works correctly, after about six seconds the page should display "Successfully found game!". Following this the server will send the robot players to your kahoot game.

There are 3 answering methods for Kahoot smash - None, Random and Intelligent. None means your bots will not answer questions, they will just flood the game. Use this in any kahoot game to smash it fast. Random means your bots will pick a random answer from the choices and submit it. Choose this in short quizes to win every time! Intelligent means your bots will try to choose the best answer, but keep in mind this is a beta features and works quite poorly currently.

Kahoot Smash by Centipede5 is completely free, and unblocked at schools. It is truly the best Kahoot Smasher Website! Currently this is the only working kahoot smasher online, so input the game pin and get started!

Best features

Best Kahoot smasher online

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No malware anywhere on the site

Powerful Node.js server

Support for concurrent users

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Coming Soon

Intelligent answering of questions

Mobile app

Desktop app

Support for real-time answering

A cool game